Have a Pest-Free BBQ!

Have a Pest-Free BBQ!

It’s officially barbeque season! Many of us are looking forward to getting together with family and friends during this warm weather for a backyard cookout. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who love our outside parties; summer pests are also likely to show up and ruin the fun! While it’s impossible to get rid of all pests outside, it is possible to reduce the chance of them crashing your party by taking a few precautions before your next backyard BBQ!

Prepare Before the Party

Before your party day arrives, put preventative measures in place to avoid pests. Check your doors and windows for any gaps or holes and secure them if needed. Check your yard for items that can hold water such as buckets or toys, which can act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and empty or remove them.

Choose the Party Time Wisely

Many pests, like mosquitoes, are most active at dusk and dawn. If your party will take place before sunset, plan to have plenty of insect repellent on hand, especially those that contain DEET. Consider putting citronella candles outside near the party area where they can help minimize the presence of mosquitoes.

Secure the Food

Be prepared for pests to swarm the food and drinks you serve. Some pests, like ants, are looking for any food source such as fruit or sweets. Consider serving your food and drinks indoors and use your outdoor space for eating and entertaining. Try to keep your food in sealed containers when possible and, throughout the party, try to wipe and sweep up any food crumbs or spills to keep pests from infesting.

After the Party

As important as it is to prepare for a party, it’s equally important to clean up afterwards to keep pests from taking over your property afterward. Make sure you clean up any trash that’s been left behind, along with sweeping up crumbs and wiping spills. Wash dishes right after the party instead of letting them lay in the sink overnight. Make sure that you’ve placed your trash in sealed, tightly closed garbage containers outside of your house.

Preparing for a party can be stressful enough, but when pests become a problem they can definitely add to your stress. To ensure a pest-free party, consider calling your local pest control company who can provide you with an inspection and a treatment plan.

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