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  • Link to 8 Tips For Winter Lawn Care
Although the cold of winter has set in and your lawnmower is stored away for the year, don’t relax just yet! Lawn care services don’t end just because the weather has turned cold. While your lawn requires more maintenance in...
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  • Plush, green lawn with a lawnmower
Identify Your Grass Type What kind of grass you have determines how your lawn should be cared for. Common warm season turf – zoysia, bermuda, & centipede grass – are ideal for warmer weather since they can withstand higher heat, thriving in 75-90 degrees temperatures....
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Q: My neighbors abandoned their home and the yard grew about 4 feet tall. The neighborhood had their lawn service cut it and they saw many mice and rats in the yard. The yard is behind mine. What can I...
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