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The cold weather is here!!  By installing TAP Insulation in your home you can be sure that you and your family stay comfortable throughout the season and lower your energy bills at the same time.  Here is another testimonial from a happy TAP customer!

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to thank Northwest Exterminating for introducing me to TAP Insulation. You performed the installation in early October and I already have noticed a difference in the first 6 weeks. I am amazed when I leave for work each morning that it is cold outside that my roof is the only home in my neighborhood that is completely covered with frost. Simply stated, that tells me the heat is being kept in the house where it should be. I have also noticed that the heat does not turn on nearly as much as it used to. In years past, it seemed as my heat was constantly on. I can not wait to be able to compare my heating and cooling bills over the next year to those of the previous year.

I was also extremely pleased with the professionalism of the crew that came out to perform the work. These individuals were not only very polite, but took the time to make sure my home was the way it was before they left. In fact, it was probably cleaner than it was to begin with.

Again, I can not thank you all enough for introducing me to this product. Not only is it going to pay for itself by the monthly savings of my utilities, but it also going to help control those unwanted critters trying to get into my home.

Please do not hesitate to pass my name on to anyone that would like a referral, because this product works!




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  1. Lauri Kendrick says:

    I am currently a Northwest customer but I’m interested in getting your TAP insulation system and your Lawn treatment , the mosquitoes and Gnats have make my yard unusable. I tried other products last summer, but the Gnats never went away.
    The best way to contact my if via email: Lauri.J.Kendrick@bellsouth.net. I’ll need an estimate also.

    • Thank you for your inquiry! We sent you an email with information regarding the additional services you requested. Let us know if you have any more questions at all!

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