Fall & Winter Brings Wildlife Into Homes

Cold Weather Has Wildlife Seeking Shelter in Homes

Those furry little creatures are cute outdoors but they somehow turn into scary monsters when they’re scurrying through your attic, basement, or even your walls.  During the fall and winter months different wildlife can make their way into houses seeking warmth from the outside cold.

SquirrelCommon invaders like squirrels, bats, raccoons, and possums can be a threat to your health, property, and even your safety.  These animals can carry diseases and can even get aggressive when they feel threatened.  They can damage your property by gnawing on sheet rock, wood, insulation, storage containers, and wiring (a potential fire hazard).

There are easy steps to take that will help keep animals out of your home for the colder seasons: take trash out regularly and seal tightly and cut back tree limbs from your roof line.  Animals, especially squirrels, use tree limbs as an entry to your home.  Look for gnaw marks and feces and listen for scurrying sounds as indicators that you may have unwanted guests in your home.

Because these animals have a potential to be dangerous, it is best to call a wildlife removal company to properly remove these animals.  Call Northwest Exterminating for animal removal.

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  1. Greta Dunlap says:

    Do you have a method you use where wild do not returen

    • Part of our wildlife services include preventing wildlife pests from returning. We do this by working with the property owner to come up with a customized plan that will deter wildlife from returning. Some of these solutions are sealing areas of entry for the pests, tightly sealing trash, cutting back tree limbs, as well as other solutions that depend on the property.

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