We’re officially in the Fall season and you’re thinking that you are in the clear when it comes to fire ants…ALMOST!  The nice fall weather brings fire ants to the surface after spending the summer underground.  Fall is an ideal time to target fire ants for next spring.

We typically think of treating in the spring and summer but southern states such as Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina can treat in the fall as well.  Fire ants generally slow down in the winter months so in the fall baits produce better results before the cold weather arrives.

Fire ants are travelers so it’s a good idea to team up with your neighbors to start a fire ant control program together.  Northwest Exterminating offers a fire ant program that works within 24-72 hours.  Other products can take up to 30 days to control fire ants, need immediate irrigation to work, can be harmful to family and pets, and may require over 80 pounds of product to work.  Northwest’s fire ant service is fast, effective, covers the entire yard to wipe out colonies, even the ones underground, and it’s environmentally friendly to your family and pets.  Call us today to find out how you can take the first step in protecting your yard from fire ants.

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