Dr. Goo,  My husband got stung by a hornet this weekend and now it is itchy.  What should we do?

For an itchy hornet or other insect sting:Apply a paste of baking soda and water as soon as possible after being stung.  This will help to relive the pain.  If the stinger is left in the skin, gently remove it using tweezers.   Otherwise, you can use a combination of benadryl gel or cream (diphenhydramine) topically and/or a steroid cream (hydrocortisone 1%) which are both over the counter.   If it is really itchy you can take some oral benadryl (25mg) but that tends to make people sleepy. Keep the area clean by washing it twice daily with soap and water and seek medical care if it looks like it is getting infected.
Hope it gets better soon!

Dr. Goo

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