We, at Northwest Exterminating, like to ensure that our customers fully understand just how we plan to provideDSC_0368 services for them. Whenever a salesman gives you an assessment of the services you may need, he’s sure to make everything very clear as far as what his suggestions are for your property. Similarly, a technician that comes to your home will let you know the steps he will take before, during, and after the process is completed. He will be sure to answer any questions you may have, show you the results of his work and suggest anything else you may need, even if it’s not exactly pest related!

You will definitely understand our technicians, but may not know why certain words are what they are. After all, you probably don’t know that the word ‘pest’ comes from the Latin word pestis meaning ‘plague.’ Do you think that when you call your little brother a pest, it’s because you’re likening him to the creepy, slimy bugs you detest? Not at all! Pest has meant “noxious or troublesome person or thing” since the 1600s.

DSC_0438Ever wondered why we exterminate bugs? Just like many other words in the English language, exterminate comes from Latin. The word exterminatus means “drive out, expel, drive beyond boundaries.” Modern English has led to a word meaning of “utter destruction.” We at Northwest more closely follow the original meaning of pest exterminating, by making sure your home is pest free without using harsh chemicals that can lead to more harm than good. If you would like a company whose technicians really know the meaning of pest control, Northwest Exterminating is just one appointment away.

Melissa Brown
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