Recently the news has been booming about the new healthy alternative:

Eating Insects

Eating insects may be a new form of pest control but it appears to serve a larger and healthier purpose.  The United Nations recently released an extensive document on the health impact of consuming edible insects.  Okay don’t stop reading this is serious.

Did you know that over two billion people, largely in Asia, Africa, and Latin America already include edible insects into their daily diets?  The idea has been around forever and some candy makers have even made money off of imitation insect candies or even a real version.  Have you seen chocolate covered crickets or ants?  Although I have spent my whole life in the pest control industry I can honestly say I have never eaten an insect…on purpose.  The United Nations believes that proper education and communication could not only help us with our health but also help the world fight hunger.  Studies have shown that there are approximately 1,900 edible insects in the world.   The edible insects show amazing study results when it comes to their nutritional makeup.  Certain insects like grasshoppers and beetles can go toe to toe and ounce to ounce with other high protein foods like lean ground beef.  These 1,900 edible insects are high in protein and fiber, and contain helpful minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium.

Are you convinced to switch your whole diet over yet?  Probably not and neither am I and most of the population.  This is a hard concept for many of us to swallow (literally) because insects should be exterminated and they scare us.  Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we all have already consumed some insects or their parts in what we eat already.  Some insects have been used for their colors for dyes in food, while others just have accidentally made it into the food.  If you ever want to learn more and don’t have a weak stomach I urge you to look into some of the acceptable thresholds for insect parts in common food we consume.

So where do I stand with this?  Lets just say I am excited we might have found a solution to help the world’s hunger problem but at this point I think I will stick to my current diet while making a conservative effort to try new things as our food choices evolve.  Will the United States ever evolve and jump on this new alternative food?  Maybe eventually, we already have with other things like lobsters (who were once viewed as rats of the sea) and/or any other bottom feeding fish or crustaceans.  One thing is for sure, Northwest Exterminating will always be around for those who still wish for the Mouse to Protect their house!

Adam Vannest
Director of Pest Services
Northwest Exterminating
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