How to Save on Energy and Bills with TAP Insulation

It’s cold and rainy, then it’s warm and sunny, cold and rainy, warm and sunny…and this is January!!  The weather for the past couple of months has been a bit unpredictable.  A couple of weeks ago we had temperatures in the 70’s…in December!!  The very next day it was in the 30’s.  All this crazy weather makes it difficult to dress when heading out the door and it makes it difficult on our homes trying to keep the temperature regulated.

TAP Attic Insulation Before and After

TAP Attic Insulation Before and After

One of the things that can help in regulating the temperature in your home is to install TAP Insulation in your attic.  Properly insulating your attic can save on your energy bills and keep your home at a comfortable temperature year round.  When a home is poorly insulated, your HVAC system has to work harder to heat and cool your home.  This increases the amount of energy and the cost of your energy bills.

Insulation is measured using “r-value” or the insulation’s resistance to heat flow.  Builders are required to put in insulation with a minimum r-value of 30 but the Department of Energy suggests having an r-value of 49 for optimal savings on energy and money.  When TAP Insulation is installed, it can be added to your current insulation to add to it’s r-value.

Benefits of TAP Insulation:

  • Immediate Return on Investment
  • Year-Round Comfort
  • Permanent Pest Protection
  • Fire Safety
  • Green Solution

To find out more about TAP Insulation and how it can benefit your home and the environment, click HERE.

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