What are Swarming Termites?

Termite swarmers, often mistaken for winged ants, are most active during the Spring months, when they fly away from their colony to reproduce. They’re attracted to bright, light areas and often seen around doors and windows in homes. While termite swarmers usually die within 24 hours and do not cause wood damage, they’re a sign that a destructive termite colony is near.

Ants vs. Termites

How can you tell the difference between flying ants and swarming termites?

Flying Ants

flying ants

Swarming Termites

swarming termites
Because both pests are so small in size, it’s often hard to distinguish the difference. If you’re unsure, contact your local exterminating company. A pest control professional will quickly identify the issue and provide you with treatment recommendations. If you are seeing swarming termites, it’s important to have your home treated for termites as soon as possible, preferably with a termite warranty. This will protect you against future infestations and often damage repairs. Again, swarming termites do not cause property damage…but they do indicate that a colony of damage-causing termites is close by, with your home being their current or potential food source.

Termite Treatments for Swarming Termites

There are several termite treatments available for termites. A termite baiting system is a popular choice, for many reasons. Baiting systems, like Sentricon Always Active, are proven to eliminate entire colonies of termites. They also provide ongoing protection and are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional liquid soil termite treatments. Most baiting systems also come with a great warranty, and can include lifetime repair coverage for your home.

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