The weather is warm and the snakes are out. Here are 6 ways that you can reduce your risk of a snake encounter, and keep snakes away from your home.

1. Use a snake repellant

Some home remedies like moth balls and lemon grass can be deterrents for snakes, for a natural approach, or check your local hardware store for chemical repellants.

2. Remove clutter from your yard

Keeping grass cut and vegetation trimmed down reduces areas for snakes to hide. Remove any wood piles, leaves, or other debris where snakes can hide.

3. Pest control

Regularly scheduled pest control keeps insects and rodents out of your yard that snakes use to feed on. By keeping these pests out of your yard…you have a better chance of keeping snakes out too.

4. Check for gaps and cracks

Snakes can enter homes through any open gaps or holes that may be present. Use weather stripping under doors and seal all cracks and crevices. This will assist in keeping out pests and keeping in the cool air.

5. Don’t forget about the shed

Sheds can become cluttered and perfect places for snakes to hide. De-clutter your work space.

6. Call a professional exterminator

If you have a snake in your yard or home, a snake removal specialist will properly identify the snake and safely remove it. For more on snake control in your area, click on the links below.

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Nashville Snake Control

Chattanooga Snake Control

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