Roaches are often a source of confusion for a lot of homeowners. Where are they coming from? Why do I have them? Does it mean my house isn’t clean? How do I get rid of them and how do I prevent them? The answers to these questions largely depend on what kind of roaches you’re seeing. If you’re seeing large roaches, infrequently and at this time of the year, it’s most likely in the American Cockroach family. A more severe infestation is usually characterized by smaller roaches, seen frequently, usually in kitchens but often throughout the house in more severe cases. These roaches, German Cockroaches, are much harder to get rid of and often require a professional, monthly treatment by an exterminator. Find out more on German cockroach infestations here. For more on American roach prevention, keep reading.

It’s likely that you’re seeing these large roaches due to the changing of seasons, the abundance of rain, or from providing a food source to roaches, attracting them to your home. The good news: American cockroaches are easy to get rid of and prevent if the right pest control approach is taken.

Here are 5 things you can do at home to get rid of roaches and prevent them from coming back:

1. Keep floors clean – sweep, vacuum and mop often.

2. Don’t leave food out. Keep counter tops, floors, stovetops, & microwaves clean of debris and seal any leftover food in containers, including pet food.

3. Take out the trash. Leaving garbage in and around your home will definitely attract all kinds of roaches. Take it out often and keep it away from your home’s exterior.

4. Seal gaps, holes, cracks and crevices. If you’re not sure how to find these, contact your local pest control company. A professional will inspect your home and identify & correct potential entry points.

5. Treat. In order to get rid of existing roach infestations, an eco-friendly pest control treatment is recommended, consisting of interior and exterior applications – targeted for American roach elimination – and an ongoing prevention program which usually involves quarterly exterior treatments.


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