German Cockroaches

If you have ever lived in an apartment or rented a home, you have likely encountered the German cockroach. It is the most common cockroach found in homes, apartments, and restaurants.



  • German cockroaches are brown with 2 longitudinal stripes running down the thorax

  • 1/2 to 5/8 inches long


  • German cockroaches will live anywhere humans build heated structures

  • Usually found in kitchens in secluded areas

  • Behind and under appliances

  • In cracks and crevices behind backslashes

  • At counter edges

  • Behind and under cabinets

  • In void areas around plumbing

  • Backs of drawer wells

  • Will infest warm areas around appliance motors such as refrigerators and dishwashers


  • German cockroaches will invade your home and leave fecal matter and other debris in and around food and food preparation areas

  • Can enter homes when boxes or products are shipped moved from one location to another

  • Reproduces at a high rate, completing a life cycle in 30 to 45 days

  • Produces 30-48 eggs at a time

  • Can generate 3 to 4 egg cases in a lifetime

  • Difficult to eradicate because they can infest so many areas and can be very difficult to contact with an insecticide


  • German roaches are most commonly treated inside a home with baits, sprays, or an aerosol product (baits preferred)

  • Roaches disperse the bait back into their refuge sites when they ingest it

  • Most have a secondary and even a tertiary killing effect, meaning roaches that die in the harborage site from a bait are cannibalized by their fellows, causing additional mortality

  • Sprays are applied to surfaces that roaches crawl across or into harborage areas

  • Often mixed with insect growth regulators (IGR) will reduce or eliminate egg production and cause mortality in immature forms of the German cockroach

  • Aerosols are referred to as crach and crevice treatments; Forces roaches out of their harborage sites with a product that excite their nervous system (flushing agent)

  • Then sprayed directly with a contact product

  • Residual aerosols may be applied into harborage areas and onto surfaces where roaches crawl in the same manner as sprays

  • Commonly sold as over the counter remedies for homeowners, but typically has a short life span


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