The majority of homes we inspect do not have adequate insulation in the attic. Most often, when homes are constructed, contractors will install the minimum amount of insulation required. While minimal insulation is better than no insulation, having the proper amount will make your HVAC system run more efficiently which keeps your home warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and saves you money on energy bills ALL YEAR LONG. The investment of insulation begins paying for itself immediately!

For attic insulation, there are a lot of options you can choose from, making it a somewhat stressful decision for homeowners. Here are some things to consider:

  • Does your attic currently have some type of insulation? If so, you may want to with a loose-fill product since it fills in gaps well OR have the insulation removed and replaced (common when insulation is contaminated by pest infestations or water-damaged).
  • Are you planning to insulate the attic yourself or call an insulation contractor? Installing loose-fill or blown-in insulation is more labor-intensive compared to batt insulation since it requires special equipment to install.
  • How much accessible space is in your attic? Batt insulation is relatively easy to install in accessible spaces with higher ceilings, but not recommended for areas with a lot of obstructions. Loose-fill insulation is blown into your attic, making it a better choice for spaces with limited accessibility.
  • In what type of climate is your home located? This will determine how much insulation you need, using R-Value minimums established by the Department of Energy (see map below).

insulation r-value minimums
For most insulation projects, we recommend using TAP Insulation. TAP is a loose-fill, cellulose insulation product that guarantees energy cost savings of 20-38% when installed at recommended R-Values. TAP, short for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control, Insulation is made of 87% recycled newsprint, is energy star rated, and treated with borates, a natural pest control product that provides permanent pest protection in your attic. TAP is also unique in that it has the added benefit of fire protection. And, in addition to saving you tons of money throughout the year on utility bills, TAP Insulation keeps warm air inside in colder temperatures, cool air in warmer temperatures, making your home comfortable year-round.

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