Here in the south, nothing causes terror or fear more than the word, termite. Termites cause more than $5 million dollars in property damage throughout the United States. And what’s worse, most damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurances policies.

Before it gets out of control, look for signs of termites and consider getting a preventative termite treatment and termite warranty from an exterminating company.

Swarmers are your first sign that things may be awry, because while swarmers do not cause wood damage, they are a sign that a destructive colony is nearby. Look around doors and windowsills and for discarded wings. This is one of the first signs of a termite infestation.

If you notice mud tubes or tunnels along the foundation of your home, the next step would be to contact your pest control provider to schedule a termite inspection. Termites use the mud tubes to keep moisture when traveling to and from their colony and your home (their delicious food source).

Other signs of termites that you may notice:

  • Bubbles in paint: this will often be a sign of moisture build which points to either termites or water damage
  • Wood Damage: wood that is suspected to be infested by termites will normally sound hollow, as termite prefer to eat wood from the inside out
  • Frass: the sign of a Drywood termite infestation is the appearance of wood colored droppings that litter the ground as they feast on your home

If you are able to get close enough to get a look, make sure that that you are dealing with a swarmer; flying ants are often mistaken for a flying termite.

termites vs flying ants

If you do not find any of the signs of termites, now’s the time to get preventative termite protection! Sentricon Always Active, a termite baiting system, is the best protection to have for your home; it’s environmentally-responsible and comes with a lifetime termite warranty.

To schedule a free termite inspection, call (888) 466-7849 today!

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