Summer and rain usually mean humidity and a potentially bad hair day, but it may also come with some creepy crawlies. Rain tends to flood pests out of their hiding spaces outside, and they will seek refuge in places within your home that still have high moisture (a huge necessity for their survival). One of the pests that heavily relies on an abundance of moisture is the millipede.
Here are some facts about this many-legged pest and some tips to keep them out:
prevent millipedes
You may be wondering what options you have to help keep your home free of these tiny crawlers. The most effective method is investing in Green Pest Control, which can help with a variety of pests the rain and summer may bring, including millipedes. You can also prevent millipedes and other pests by installing Leafproof Gutter Guard, which keeps your gutters clean of debris, allowing for proper drainage and keeping pests away from your home.
If you have a millipede infestation or general pest questions, contact your local pest control company or fill out the form below to request a free pest inspection.

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