With pollen season in full swing, the rain is more than welcome in order to get some relief. However, when the rain has decided to overstay its welcome, it can lead to unwelcome visitors in your home and pests that overtake your yard.

rain and bugs

The Repeat Offenders:

Spiders/Ants/Roaches – Once their shelter is compromised, these pests will seek refuge in homes, gaining access through small cracks that lead from the exterior of your home. Once these pests find that your home provides an excellent food source and shelter from the outside, they will attempt to establish a permanent residence.

Mosquitoes – Excessive rain leads to more sites of standing water that are perfect for mosquitoes to use for breeding, leading to mosquitoes progressively taking over your yard.

The Occasional Invaders:

Millipedes/Earwigs/Silverfish/Crickets – These pests thrive outside as their main source of food is decaying vegetation. While they like moisture, excess rain will push them out of their hiding spots, and the high levels of moisture in your basement will be an appealing new home.

You can take the following steps to make sure these unwanted guests stop invading your home:

  • Seal off pest entry points
  • Move leaf piles, mulch piles and other vegetation away from home
  • Keep food sealed in tight containers
  • Eliminate sources of standing water (inside or outside)
  • Interior and exterior pest control treatments by a professional exterminator
  • Monthly mosquito treatments

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