The teammates of the Savannah office have built a relationship with the children, families, and staff of the Dwayne and Cynthia Willetts Children’s Hospital in Savannah, GA. Whether it is holiday decorations or summer game days, the Savannah team enjoys spending time and bringing smiles to the patients and families whenever possible.

This year, the Savannah team stopped by the hospital on October 31st to help brighten the day with fun, costumes, and candy! Though the children may not be able to go trick or treating, the team thought, “Why not bring trick or treating to them?” The Savannah team, along with Rodney and Nicole Rawls, joined others at the Hospital with a wagon of candy and big smiles to visit with the families and children.

“We wanted to bring the trick or treating to them,” said Missy M., Northwest Builder Relations Specialist. “Seeing the children smile with grins as big as Texas is the best! I am so glad we get to volunteer with the hospital.”

The Savannah team will begin collecting holiday decorations to decorate the children’s rooms this December over the next month, and they are always looking for other ways to get involved in other ways. The Northwest team is inspired by our Savannah teammates’ leadership, make a difference attitudes, and how much they care for others.

For more information on volunteering with the Children’s Hospital in Savannah, please visit their website here.

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