Did you know that certain termite species, such as subterranean termites, are active year-round? This means that even on the hottest or coldest days of the year these pests can still cause considerable damage and destruction to your property. Termites are in search of two things: a food source and a place to establish their colony. The first step in preventing termites is knowing what attracts them so you can take the necessary precautions to avoid them!

Termites like to colonize near a food source, most often soft or rotting wood. Firewood and other wood piles throughout your property are a major attractant to termites. This wood provides them with both a supply of food and a place to create their colony. If you must have this wood on your property, place it at least 20 feet from your home and elevate it at least 5 inches off the ground.

Summer showers are inevitable, meaning that your gutters could quickly become clogged. While clogged gutters can damage your home’s foundation, they can also attract termites. As the debris blocking the gutters accumulate, the excess moisture can soften your roof and cause it to rot. These areas provide termites an easy way to get inside your home. Make sure that your gutters are cleaned out regularly, especially after a bad rainstorm or consider installing gutter guards.

Every homeowner wants their yard to look aesthetically pleasing but sometimes the materials used for landscaping (like mulch) can attract termites to your home. Mulch is comprised of wood chips that can retain moisture, making it a perfect source of food for termites. Instead of mulch, consider using landscaping rocks; if you do use mulch, place it at least 15 inches from your foundation.

If you suspect a termite infestation or just want to get ahead of preventing them, consider calling your local pest control company where they can provide you with the best termite control options for your home.

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