Termites are highly destructive household pests, causing billions of dollars in damages to homeowners annually. Most homeowner’s policies don’t cover termite damage. What options do homeowners have to protect themselves from these pests?

Two options that are available are a termite warranty and a termite bond. These terms are often used interchangeably but they are, in fact, different.

A termite warranty is similar to an insurance policy you take out against termites. It is insured by an insurance company and allows for more coverage against damages. These warranties will also include an agreement for ongoing monitoring and/or maintenance for the length of the warranty term. They also require the termite control company who provides it to treat for termites if they are found on their annual termite inspection during the warranty period. It can also specify if the pest control company will repair any damages from termites or if they will only retreat the home. Some warranties can even be transferred between homeowners (such as during the sale of the home) but others cannot be transferred.

Termite bonds are similar to warranties. The difference between the two is that bonds require the pest control company to hold a specified amount of money in a surety bond.

Some kind of protection against termites and termite damage is beneficial to homeowners. If you are interested in scheduling a termite inspection or taking out coverage against termites, contact your pest control company for more information.

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