South Florida Mosquito Control: Commercial Pest Control

Heat and humidity create an ideal environment for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are small, annoying, and their bites can pose serious health risks to humans. With peak mosquito season here, every business is looking for ways to assure customers that their space is safe, and what better way to do so with a no-spray solution for mosquito control.

The In2Care mosquito trap is a perfect way to help prevent and eliminate mosquitoes throughout your entire property. This trap is unique, unlike any other, as it lures in mosquitoes with a special green treatment inside the trap. Once mosquitoes enter the trap, the treatment transfers to the mosquito’s legs, where it’s then spread to other breeding sites, like standing water or flower saucers. The spread of the treatment eliminates adult mosquitoes but also prevents the larva mosquitoes from developing further.

This trap is perfect for businesses who are looking for an alternative green way for mosquito control. Instead of spraying product around a property, the trap is placed in a shaded, vegetated area where mosquitoes are likely to breed. The green mosquito treatment used to eliminate these pests does not target beneficial pests and remains environmentally and pet friendly.

In2Care for Business Benefits:

  • It’s a no spray way, discrete system
  • Eliminates all mosquito life stages – from larva to adult
  • Strategically placed around the business so the trap is always working

As each business prepares for the dreaded mosquito season, giving your customers a green, no spray solution to keep them protected against mosquitoes provides peace of mind.

If your business is interested in our In2Care System, reach out to your local pest control company who partners with In2Care, who are happy to answer any questions or schedule a free inspection.

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