Tennessee Pest Control: Preventing Pantry Pests

The last thing you want to find in your pantry is pests. Known as pantry pests, these types of insects like to invade your stored food products and lay their eggs inside. What kind of creatures would want to invade our stored food? Let’s break it down.

Pests like beetles, weevils, and moths are the most likely culprits to invade your pantry. Although not the only kind to invade, these are the most common types that you will see and they include saw-toothed grain beetles, Indian meal moths, rice weevils, and drugstore beetles.

To know if you are dealing with a pantry pest infestation, be sure to check boxes of food for unusual things like eggs, larvae, and live beetles, moths, or weevils. These pests won’t be exclusively in open boxes, so make time to check most boxes of food.

Prevent Pantry Pests

There are two ways that these pests can find their way inside your Tennessee home. The first way involves flying or crawling in through exterior windows, doors, cracks, crevices, and other openings. The second way is coming in with your recently purchased dry food products. Keeping these in mind, here are a few pantry pest prevention tips to keep them away:

  • Refrain from buying boxes of food that are unsealed or damaged
  • Seal holes, cracks, and gaps in or around your home
  • Make sure your windows and doors are sealed properly
  • Repair serious damage to your home’s exterior

If you believe your pantry has been infiltrated by pantry pests, then give your local pest control company a call today for a free inspection!

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