As a resident of North Naples, Florida, you know hurricane season can bring many challenges, including an influx of pests. It’s important to both prepare your home for the high winds and heavy rain and place preventative measures to prevent a pest infestation that the hurricane season can bring. Check out our tips on preparing for pests during hurricane season:

Secure Your Home

Before a hurricane hits your area, it is crucial to ensure that the exterior of your home is secure. This means checking for any gaps or cracks where pests can enter your home. Look around your windows, doors, and roof for openings. Consider utilizing weatherstripping or caulking these areas to ensure they are sealed.

Keep Food Sealed

While stocking up on food and water before a hurricane hits your area is important, it can also attract pests. Ants and rodents are highly attracted to food, and it’s important to properly seal stored food you have inside your home. Consider utilizing airtight containers to avoid pests from invading them.

Remove Debris

After a hurricane hits, your yard could be littered with debris, leaves, tree limbs, and more. This clutter can be the perfect environment for pests to thrive. Remove any of these items from your property as soon as you can to help prevent pests from utilizing it as a nesting ground or hiding place.

Inspect Your Home

The aftermath of a hurricane can see various damages to your home, including broken windows, water damage, foundation damage, and more. It’s important to inspect your home for any of this damage after the storm. Inspect your home for any cracks in the walls, windows, or doors caused by high winds and debris. These openings will provide easy access for pests, making it essential to repair them as soon as possible.

Consider Pest Control

Sometimes, placing preventative measures throughout your home can only go so far. If you need extra support to deal with pests before, during, or after hurricane season, consider reaching out to your local pest control company. These professionals will identify the pest problem, identify entry points, and provide a treatment and prevention plan to prevent future pest infestations.

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