During the spring and fall you will often see an influx of ladybugs in your home. While they don’t pose a real health threat to you, they can stain carpets, upholstery, and walls. Why are these pests invading your house and how can you get rid of them?

Ladybugs will make their way indoors in the fall to overwinter in the warm shelter of your home. Once inside, they will hide until the warm weather of spring comes back around. It is at this time they will reemerge to try and return outdoors to reproduce.

Once inside, you will often find them clustered together in the corners of attics and basements or near doors and windows, especially those with large amounts of light. Once they make their way indoors, ladybugs will release a pheromone that signals other ladybugs to follow them.

Although they aren’t harmful, ladybugs can be a nuisance, especially when they invade in large numbers. You can prevent ladybugs by:

  • Winterizing your home using weatherstripping on doors and windows, using tight fitting screens, and caulking or sealing any cracks or other potential openings.
  • Vacuuming. You can use a vacuum cleaner to safely relocate live ladybugs outside. Put a rag between the dust bag and the hose to catch them, then release them once you get them outdoors. You can also vacuum dead bugs so they don’t stain paint and fabric.
  • Using natural repellents to deter them. You can put a small bag of bay leaves or cloves near areas of your home where you often see them gathering. You can also use essential oils sprayed in populated areas to repel them. Some scents include citronella, menthol, peppermint, clove, and citrus.

If your DIY efforts are futile or you just want the help of a professional, contact your local pest control company for an analysis.

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