Spiders can be considered a year-round pest in Georgia but are in full force during the late summer and early fall months. This is due to the summer being a major time for spiders to reproduce. Luckily, most of the spiders you might encounter within your home are not harmful to you and your family!

There are many different species of spiders that can be found in Georgia alone, ranging from the standard garden spider to the feared brown recluse. Let’s discover the most common Georgia spiders you could possibly see this fall:

Black Widow:

One of the few structure-invading species of spiders in our area, their fangs are big enough to penetrate human skin and their venom is powerful enough to cause side effects in humans. They are one of the most venomous spiders in North America, but an antivenom does exist for them. Female black widows grow to be ¾” in length with males being half that size. These spiders are easily identifiable by the distinctive red hourglass markings on their black body’s abdomen. Black widows are typically found in garages, basements, crawlspaces, and around decks.

Brown Recluse:

Commonly found in the southeast and midwestern United States, these venomous spiders are easily identifiable by their distinctive dark fiddle-shaped markings found on their bodies. They prefer to stay hidden in warm, dark, dry habitats and are commonly found in woodpiles, basements, closets, and especially old shoes that aren’t worn often.

Joro Spider:

These spiders are a non-native species originating from Asia and were first spotted in Georgia in 2014. They can be found almost anywhere including decks, porches, houses, plants, landscaping and more. They are non-venomous and don’t pose a threat to humans, but their large webs and size can become a nuisance. Research is still ongoing for how this invasive species can affect the native ecosystem of Georgia and most of the southeast.

Wolf Spider:

These common spiders don’t use webs to catch prey, they use their speed to catch them. Usually, dark brown or yellow with striped markings on their legs, these spiders can range in size from ¼” to over an inch. They are nocturnal creatures and are typically found along the floor or under furniture. They can be beneficial to keep around due to keeping other pest levels low.

How to prevent spiders:

  • Seal up any cracks or gaps around windows and doors.
  • Remove clutter, like piles of clothes.
  • Call your local pest control company for a customized pest plan!

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