Our Corporate office is always trying to find a way to show their support for the communities they live and work in daily. They recently took lunch to the Metro Atlanta Fire Fighters Conference for the firefighters that attended the class, as well as the trainers and leaders.

MAFFC is an all-volunteer group of firefighters, instructors, and sponsors dedicated to bringing the best training to each other at almost no cost. They strive to provide a forum for the best possible training in the region. The conference was an 8-hour hands on class that challenged and informed participants in size-up, identification, and mechanical defeat conventional locking devices.

Our local first responders are always a focus for the Northwest team. Each year, we host First Responder Cookouts as a way of showing our gratitude for all that they do, so we were thankful to be involved with the Conference to show that same appreciation. Being involved in the communities is an honor and something that all our teammates enjoy doing. We were grateful for the opportunity to show our appreciation by bringing lunch to this conference, and for the ability to create even a small impact in our community.

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