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March 21, 2013

Holes in Your Wood Can Be Caused By Carpenter Bees – Northwest Exterminating Offers Carpenter Bee Removal Service to Prevent Further Wood Damage

Marietta, GA-Often mistaken for bumble bees, carpenter bees make nests by tunneling into wood. In many cases, homes with wooden decks, eaves or exposed wood are targets of carpenter bee damage and are at risk of damaged wood. Northwest Exterminating offers a carpenter bee removal service, to keep your wood and home intact.

Although Carpenter Bees can look scary, they are rarely aggressive. What you have to worry about is where they are making their galleries.  Carpenter Bees bore into unfinished or worn wood members like siding, trim, porches, and decks to be able to lay their eggs. This can become very destructive and damage parts of your home quickly.

Not to worry, there is a solution. Northwest Exterminating offers a Carpenter Bee service to protect your home.  Northwest’s service targets infested areas to prevent further damage while also controlling the Carpenter Bee population.

Northwest’s service also targets common resting areas around the perimeter of your home, like shrubbery, so the population can be controlled.  Infestations that are left untreated will return year after year causing more destruction to your home.

Call Northwest today and trust the Mouse to protect your house from these pesky and damage-causing Carpenter Bees.

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