Top 5 Moisture Barrier Providers in Metro Atlanta

Top 5 Moisture Barrier Providers in Metro Atlanta

When it comes to increasing your home’s energy efficiency, preventing dangerous mold, and stopping pests from taking over your crawl space and working their way into the rest of your home, you can’t go wrong with investing in a Complete CrawlSpace encapsulation. And while we here at Northwest Exterminating would love to take care of your crawl space, we know that just like visiting the doctor, you can’t go wrong with a second opinion. Here are the top 5 moisture barrier providers in the Metro Atlanta area and surrounding cities.

  1. All Exterminating Georgia: All Exterminating Georgia was founded in 1989. They service locally and all over Georgia. Their motto is “Bringing back customer service one appointment at a time.”
  2. Southeastern Crawlspaces: Southeastern Crawlspaces is “Atlanta & North Georgia’s Crawlspace Encapsulation Experts.” They have been servicing Atlanta homes since 2007.
  3. AquaGuard Foundation Solutions: With locations in Atlanta, Marietta and Athens, AquaGuard provides foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and concrete leveling throughout the Metro Atlanta area.
  4. Trotter Company: Trotter has been a trusted provider since 1929! They specialize in correcting drainage, basement waterproofing, crawl space waterproofing, foundation piering and wall reinforcement. What makes them unique is their 85 years of experience of making foundation repairs in Georgia red clay.
  5. Harris Waterproofing: Harris is the leading vapor barrier installation company in Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Family owned and operated, Harris Waterproofing has been around since 1989. They provide complete waterproofing solutions, both inside and outside your home.

When looking for a crawl space contractor, weigh your options, ask as many questions as needed, and request to see photos of previous work.

We also found these resources for you regarding crawlspace enclosure and moisture barriers.

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