How Attic Insulation Benefits You in the Winter

How Attic Insulation Benefits You in the Winter

We all know that during the summer, attic insulation works as a heat reflector from the sun. But how does it work in the wintertime? If your attic isn’t well insulated, then the rising heat won’t stay inside the home, resulting in major energy loss for your home. Here are some tips when it comes to getting your attic insulated:

Removing Old Insulation

Over time attic insulation can begin to appear damaged. It could be from old age, excess moisture, or a wildlife infestation. If you think your attic’s insulation is not working like it needs to, then your best bet is to invest in replacing it. A good rule of thumb when determining it’s time to replace is noticing insulation that looks out of place, as this can cause your energy bill to spike.

Airtight Seal

Air leaks can make your insulation not as efficient as it needs to be. When insulation is installed, it’s important to ensure your attic is sealed correctly. The tiniest hole will cause your HVAC system to work overtime, causing an increase in your energy bills. The best way to discover any holes in your attic is to inspect them during the daytime when the sun will shine through them. Be sure to mend these holes with caulk to lessen the chance of moisture or critters getting in.

Get an Energy Assessment

A home energy audit can help you detect places other than your attic that need additional insulation. It should be the first step towards getting your home on the right path to maximum energy efficiency.

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