Is a Termite Letter Required to Sell A Home?

Q: Is a Termite Letter Required to Sell A Home?

A: Technically, according to the Purchase and Sale Agreement, the termite letter is not required. However, it does depend on several other factors:

  1.  Does the lender require it? (VA, FHA, etc. Some lenders do.)
  2. Based on the F13, “Protect Yourself  When Buying A Home”, it is recommended that a termite inspection be performed. This is referred to in the F-20 or Purchase and Sale agreement.
  3. Under the Due Diligence Period, in the F20, it is the buyers responsibility for any and all inspections.

As a Realtor or home seller, a termite letter gives you a marketing advantage!  The warranty for the initial termite inspection is transferable to the homebuyer with the first year free!

For more questions, contact our Realtor Relations Team.  This team is dedicated to the needs of Realtors.  If you are interested in obtaining a clearance letter CLICK HERE.


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