Northwest Teammates Deliver All Treats, No Tricks This October

Northwest Teammates Deliver All Treats, No Tricks This October

Beginning in mid-September, Northwest teammates from every service center collected candy for the Good Deed Halloween Candy Drive!

This year’s goal behind the candy drive was to collect enough candy to distribute to local Title I schools in our team’s respective communities. The Good Deed Team is always looking for opportunities to strengthen their relationship and be involved with schools in the community.

Though the Northwest team collects candy every year, this year’s Candy Drive became a much bigger initiative than expected. In addition to donating candy, some of our teams participated in Trunk or Treats at local schools. Some teammates even took on hosting their own local trunk or treat!

Despite the weather being less than desirable, our teammates continued to move forward to create memorable experiences for the children in the communities that we serve. We are inspired by our teammates’ creativity and make a difference attitude that they bring to every initiative and how much fun they had bringing everything together. We’re excited about what ideas will come up next year!

And the Best Costume Goes to…

And the Best Costume Goes to…

This October, our Northwest teammates outdid themselves with the costumes selected! From Mario Kart to Mean Girls and M&M’s to Crayola Crayons, the costumes were creative, fun, and innovative. Here are just a few of our favorites:


Our Buford office brought everyone’s favorite game to life as the characters of Mario Kart! Who do you think wins the race out of this bunch?

Northwest Exterminating Buford


Our Lawrenceville office took “What’s your favorite color?” to the next level as Crayola Crayons! You can even spot our Service Center Manager getting in on the fun!

Northwest Exterminating Lawrenceville


A classic candy favorite, the Chattanooga office dressed up as M&M’s this year. They even had a surprise visit from a unicorn!

Jody Millard Pest Control Chattanooga


M-O-U-S-E! Our Tucker office had a game of Scrabble going with them as the pieces.

Northwest Exterminating Tucker

These are only a few of the creative ideas that came to life this year! Other costumes included Pokémon characters, classic witches, the 3 blind mice, and even some emojis.

What was great to see was the number of teammate group costumes that were put together.  We know we’re lucky to have teammates who enjoy not only working together but also celebrating together! We can’t wait to see what type of ideas spring up next year!

Extraordinary Teammates: The Northwest Way at Work

Extraordinary Teammates: The Northwest Way at Work

Our Northwest teammates are constantly on the lookout for ways to go the extra mile and create extraordinary experiences wherever they go! Here area few examples of the Northwest Way at work!

A message written about Canton teammate Dan:

“Dan is our Northwest Pest Professional, and we have been very happy with the service Dan has continued to provide. We wanted to bring your attention to a specific issue that Dan brought to our attention which, thanks to Dan, we have been able to resolve.  In January, Dan was in our basement and called out a problem with our radon system. Dan told us that air was leaking around the piping of the system.  We immediately contacted our Warranty Department and Atlanta Radon to have a radon test done.  The radon was over the FDA acceptable limits!  It has taken us several months to fully resolve the issue, but we are happy that our radon levels are now well below the 4.0 acceptable limit. We had no idea there was a problem as the vacuum gauge was showing a steady reading of 3.5.  As you know, radon is a health hazard and carcinogen.  If not for Dan bringing this to our attention, we could have had a serious problem as we were totally unaware of the leaking and higher radon levels. We appreciate Dan and Northwest,and we wanted to commend him for his outstanding service.”

While Columbus teammates Jamie and Will were at a customer’s home, they assisted him in helping him move trees in his yard that had fallen over during Hurricane Michael. After they finished their inspection, they rolled up their sleeves and cut the trees at the trunk. Jamie and Will hooked chains to the trees and the truck and made quick work out of removing them.

Our Stockbridge teammates Jeannine, Kenneth, and James went to visit Lithonia Head Start to read books to the special needs Pre-K students. The Stockbridge team has been collecting books for this class since November 2018, and they were very excited to get to share them with the class.

Northwest Exterminating Stockbridge

Lawrenceville teammates Drew and John went out to an elderly customers home to help cut back vegetation.

Northwest Exterminating Lawrenceville

Northwest Exterminating Lawrenceville


Northwest Announces 2018 Teammates of the Year

Northwest Announces 2018 Teammates of the Year

Customers first. Be humble. Do what is right. Be extraordinary. Move forward. These Northwest Ways are at the core of everything we do here at Northwest. Every year, there are teammates that go beyond extraordinary in every way, and we enjoy celebrating them and their success. These teammates rose to the occasion throughout the year, whether internally within their department or externally with their Northwest customers. And this is why their teams have selected them as the Northwest Teammate of the Year! Congratulations to all the winners, and we appreciate all the extraordinary experiences you have created!

Click here to see the list of our 2018 Teammates of the Year.

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