Northwest ranked #2 in "best green business" and "best pest control company" in Savannah, GA!

Savannah Magazine recently released the results for the 2010 Best of Savannah Homes. Northwest ranked number 2 in Best Green Business and number 2 in Best Pest Control Company…quite an honor!

Our Savannah location provides green solutions for homes and businesses, with the Sentricon System, Green Pest Control,Attic Insulation, Mosquito Control, and sand gnat control.

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Garden pests and beneficial bugs|

Check out these helpful slides from about garden pests and beneficial bugs.


Insect surge has exterminators smiling |

Insect surge has exterminators smiling |

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Millipedes and Centipedes in Atlanta

Millipedes or thousand leggers are a common problem in homes around homes when Atlanta experiences an unusually wet Spring season. And after the storms we experienced this weekendwe can bet its going to be a wet spring! Millipedes are commonly found in mulch and yards with a heavy build-up of thatch. Millipedes are normally a beneficial insect as they help decompose leaf litter and grass clippings, but during wet weather, their populations can build up to incredible numbers and a mass migration into the home can occur.

Good cultural practices around the home and in the yard can help prevent large populations from developing by eliminating some of their food sources and destroying harborage sites. Northwest Exterminatings ongoing pest control program around the exterior of the home can also limit population growth through the use of granular pesticide applications and perimeter spray treatments.

Centipedes are similar to millipedes in appearance, but tend to occur in lower numbers and seldom exhibit the mass migrations that occur with millipedes. As with millipedes, good cultural practices around the home, such as limiting mulch close to the foundation, and maintaining a well aerated and dethatched yard will help limit population growth and harborage areas. Ongoing pest control around the home with granular pesticides and perimeter sprays will also help reduce population growth.

Photos courtesy of photographers: Jason Poston; John Valenti


Northwest Exterminating helps in the Fight Against MS

Northwest Exterminating is taking a stand against Multiple Sclerosis. Help us as we show our support for the 10th Anniversary Carolinas Challenge Walk 2010. The event is June 4-6 2010. The walkers will be walking 50 miles through the South Carolina piedmont to keep moving towards a cure.

The number of people living with multiple sclerosis increases every hour of every day. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society funds more MS research than any other private organization. In addition to supporting studies which hope to reveal the cause and course of the disease, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society also provides much needed education, programs, and services to everyone who is affected by MS – including the diagnosed, their friends and families, and the healthcare professionals who work with them.

Northwest is proud of the seven Northwest employees who will be making their second appearance in the Carolinas Challenge Walk. No Hill for a Climber is made up of: Tonya Gilbert, Wes Curtis, Adam Dodson, Gail Jones, Pete Schmidt, Sheila Schmidt & Allen Woosley. We wish you all luck in your walk! We’re very proud.

Join No Hill for a Climber on Saturday, May 1st for a Corn Hole Tournament. The cost is $20.00 per person or $40.00 per team. The event will be at Seven Hills subdivision in Dallas. Registration will begin at 1:00pm and the tournament will start at 2:00pm on the blue field. It will be double elimination. There will be cash prizes for the first and second place teams. Bring the entire family and cheer on your favorite teams! Food and drinks will also be available for purchase. All of the proceeds will benefit National MS Society.

To make a donation please visit


Mosquitoes hit Atlanta

SPRING!! Its finally here. After a cold and wet winter were all ready for the warm weather. The lake, the pool, the cookouts, the Atlanta Bravesthese are what spring is about in Georgia. This is the time of year where we spend time with friends and family just enjoying the outdoors. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when those pesky MOSQUITOES show back up.

Interesting facts on mosquitoes:

  • Carbon dioxide draws mosquitoes from up to 30 yards away.
  • Only female mosquitoes feed on our blood. (easy with the comments men!!)
  • Blood is used by the females to mature eggs prior to laying. Blood has no nutritional value to a mosquito.
  • Most adult mosquitoes live 2-3 weeks. Some species that live in garages, culverts and attics can live for 6 months.
  • Not only can mosquitoes be an annoyance but they can also be a health hazard. They are known to pass some blood-born illnesses from one victim to another.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to aquatic situations. After all of the rain we experienced this past year they will surely be attracted to the standing water that we are experiencing.
  • The majority of bites occur during dusk, dawn and at night. You can take precautions during this time by dressing in light, loose fitting clothes and using an insect repellant on exposed skin areas.

Northwest Exterminating offers an effective Mosquito Reduction Program that features monthly treatments by a licensed professional. Most mosquitoes that breed around your home stay in a 300ft zone-thats why Northwest uses a highly targeted approach. Our program includes a property inspection to identify mosquito breeding/resting sites, application of treatment to target mosquito hatching areas (standing water) and application of treatment to mosquito resting areas (shrubs, ivy, tall grass, shaded areas). Call NORTHWEST EXTERMINATING today to sign up for our Mosquito Reduction Program!


Termites in Atlanta…facts and myths

If you live in the Atlanta, GA area, chances are you know what termites are…and that they eat houses.

Here’s some information you may NOT know…

Common Myths:

  • Termites can chew through concrete
  • Termites are like ants
  • Termites colonies have a king and a queen
  • Only the queen can lay eggs (true for most ants)
  • Ants and termites will kill each other
  • Aerial nests can happen
  • Termite colonies contain millions of individuals
  • All termites eat live trees
  • All termites make carton nests
  • Water will drown termites
  • Old exterminating products worked better than current ones
  • Termite baits don’t work
  • Termites must have moisture to survive


  • Termites can fit through a 1/32″ crack
  • Termite colonies consist of males and females
  • Termite colonies have one queen and potentially many kings
  • There are many sources of eggs in a mature termite colony
  • Ants and termites can be found together
  • Most termites colonies come from the ground and go up
  • Native termite colonies contain hundreds of thousands of individuals
  • Formosan termites eat live trees
  • Formosan termites can live away from the ground – carton nests
  • Formosan termites survived the flooding of New Orleans
  • Exterminating products lasted longer in the past…at the expense of our environment. Today’s products are just as effective, but with a lower environmental impact.
  • Termite baits must be ingested to work
  • Dry wood termites do not require water to survive

Northwest Exterminating is having a grand opening for our newest location in LaGrange, GA

Northwest Exterminating will be having a GRAND OPENING for our newest location in LaGrange. Come out and join us tomorrow, April 8th for our ribbon cutting ceremony anda BBQ lunch. We are pleased to welcome Jake Forbus and his team as the newest members to the Northwest Exterminating family. With the location in LaGrange, Northwest Exterminating now has 13 locations across Georgia to serve all of your termite and pest control needs.

Come Join us

Thursday, April 8th 2010 at 12:00 pm

1005 Hogansville Road

LaGrange, GA 30241