Monthly Archives: September 2011

WSB-TV and Northwest Team Up Once Again

WSB-TV and Northwest Exterminating have teamed up once again! Together, we will be exploring the future of Georgia’s Green lifestyle. WSB-TV will be airing a half-hour special that will focus on the effects of traffic, climate changes and what we need to do to keep Georgia “LIVING GREEN”.

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Why You Shouldn't Cancel Your Mosquito Program this Fall

Our mosquito program runs from April through October and yet it never fails that we will have people wait and call in July to begin treatments and then turn around and cancel after August. There’s a reason it is important to “start it early and finish late.”

Do you ever wonder where mosquitoes go in the fall and winter?

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True Story of the Misdiagnosed "Spider Bite"

Recently, my daughter woke up with a strange bite on her foot. The swelling became pretty severe so my wife took her to the doctor. The doctor told her that since the bite had a white “head” (like a pimple) and was causing red vein-like streaks to appear on her foot that it was a brown recluse spider bite.

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