Monthly Archives: June 2012

Granddaddy Long Legs Aren't Spiders

It may be one of the most easily identifiable pests but it’s also commonly misrepresented.  Granddaddylonglegs, or daddylonglegs, are often thought to be spiders but are actually harvestmen.  Harvestmen get their name because that is when they are usually seen…during harvest...
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Northwest Exterminating Ranks #23 in PCT’s Top 100 Pest Control Companies

We’ve done it again!!  And we have our customers to thank! Northwest Exterminating ranked 23rd in Pest Control Technology’s (PCT) Top 100 pest control companies.  It is a great honor that customers are trusting us to protect their homes from...
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Formosan Termites found in Columbus, GA Home

A Columbus family recently had some unwelcome guests in the form of Formosan termites.  Out of over 2,000 species of termites, Formosan termites or “Super Termites” are the most aggressive.  They are native to Asia and often make their way...
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