Termites are considered a year-round pest, causing significant destruction to homes and properties each year. Termite swarming season runs from spring to summer for most species. They use this time to reproduce and establish new colonies. Keep your home safe from termites this summer with these termite prevention tips.

Inspect Wooden Structures

Termite inspections aren’t limited to just your house. Make sure to inspect any wooden structures you have outside, as well, like wood furniture, swing sets, and decks. Termites will make small pinholes in the wood they are eating. If you find evidence of termites in your wooden structures, contact a termite control professional immediately. If your structures are not infested, seal them with an outdoor paint or sealant.

Block Their Entry

Installing a barrier to entry for termites will go a long way towards keeping them out of your home for good. There are two termite treatment options available for the perimeter of your home: bait stations and liquid soil treatments. In addition to these, performing routine inspections of the outside of your home, especially around foundations, is critical. If any gaps or cracks are found, seal or repair them immediately.

Elevate Firewood

Stacks of firewood are an ideal food source for termites. Try not to stack firewood next to your home, shed or garage. Instead, store it several feet away from these structures. You should also elevate it, if possible, on either metal or concrete racks.

Keep Your Yard Maintained

It’s important to keep your yard maintained to help prevent termites and other pests. Keep bushes and trees trimmed back so they are not touching your house or overhanging. Remove any dead or dying shrubs from your yard. Try to avoid using wooden mulch; instead, opt for recycled rubber mulch.

Annual Termite Inspections

Termites don’t take days off so your home is always at risk. They can also go undetected for long periods of time, causing significant damage before you even realize they are there. A pest control professional can perform an annual termite inspection to help spot any signs of termites before they turn into a full blown termite infestation.

If you have a problem with termites or just want to get a head start on prevention, contact your local pest control company for a complete evaluation.


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