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May 1, 2013

Northwest Exterminating advises homeowners how to enjoy the outdoors this spring and summer.

Marietta, GA – It’s spring, the weather is nice, and mosquitoes are on the prowl. In order to enjoy the outdoors, there are some things homeowners can do to help keep the pesky insects away.

To eliminate some of the mosquito population in your yard, it helps to remove potential breeding grounds of these pests. Tire swings, bird baths, and children’s toys can hold standing water and cause mosquitoes to invade.

Aside from standing water, mosquitoes stay in plants, grass, and debris around homes so it is important to remove excess grass, leaves, fire wood and yard clippings.

To reduce mosquito bites you can dress in light, loose fitting clothes, use GE yellow bug lights, citronella candles or place a large fan on your deck. Before stepping outside, spray an insect repellent on exposed skin; the Center for Disease Control recommends a repellent that includes DEET in its ingredients to be long-lasting and effective.

If prevention doesn’t produce sufficient results, a professional from Northwest Exterminating can apply treatments several times a year to keep your yard mosquito free. Northwest Exterminating offers an effective Mosquito Reduction Program that features monthly treatments by a licensed professional using a highly targeted approach. Call Northwest Exterminating today at 888-466-7849 and start controlling and reducing mosquitoes now.


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