Wild Hogs Roaming Atlanta Suburbs

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lithonia, GA – For days now, Dekalb County authorities, residents, and Northwest Exterminating have all been on the lookout for wild hogs roaming around Atlanta neighborhoods. Reportedly weighing around 400 lbs, one of the wild animals was finally spotted this morning, hiding out behind a home in Lithonia.

Northwest Exterminating was on the scene with Dekalb County police and local residents. Because animal control doesn’t have the resources to trap an animal as large as a wild hog, Northwest was called in to assist. With a single trap set in place, that can catch multiple hogs,  Northwest will sit and wait for it to do its job.  Control methods to cover the scent of human trappers were utilized, along with a trip wire than can be reset multiple times to catch all of the wild hogs.

Although the exact number of wild hogs on the loose is unknown, Dekalb police are saying that at least two can be identified by their tracks; residents have reported seeing as many as four. Residents are shaken up and anxious for the hogs to be captured, so Northwest’s Wildlife Team will remain onsite until they’ve been contained.

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