2015 Young Entrepreneur Award Winner

2015 Young Entrepreneur Award Winner

We are proud to announce that Stanford Phillips, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Northwest, was named the 2015 Young Entrepreneur Award from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) on October 22nd, during its annual awards program in Nashville. The annual award was presented to Phillips in recognition of his stewardship in the industry, according to the National Pest Management Association. Phillips is a grandson of the original owners of Northwest Exterminating, L.A. and Emma Lene Phillips, who founded the company in 1951.

“I am very honored to be selected for this award,” Phillips said Thursday. “It’s a direct reflection of the great team we have at Northwest. I really view this as a team award.” Phillips also credited his national recognition to “the great success of Northwest.”

“I’m happy that Northwest is recognized as an innovative company that cares for their customers, community and team,” Phillips said.

To be considered for the award, nominees must be 40 years old or younger and working in the professional pest management industry. In order to be chosen to receive the national award, Phillips was evaluated on notable contributions made to his company in a management capacity, contributions to the pest management industry, and personal leadership and community involvement.

According to Scott Eubanks, Leader of Technical Services and Industry Relations at Northwest , “Stanford’s vision to help make Northwest Exterminating a company that provides healthier living and working environments led to the development of our green pest solutions. Beginning in 2006, Northwest Exterminating became the leader in green pest services,” Eubanks said in his nomination letter to NPMA. “Stanford has spoken on a national level regarding business development and topics on green pest control solutions.”

Eubanks said that Stanford has been crucial in the company’s recent growth.

“Stanford Phillips has been instrumental in growing and developing Northwest Exterminating as a company that creates a healthier living and working environment for both internal and external customers,” Eubanks said. “When Stanford came on board in 2002, Northwest Exterminating had six service centers, and has now grown to over 20 service centers and departments.”

Along with being a leader within Northwest and in the pest control industry, Stanford is also a leader within his community.

“His vision is not just to offer others healthier solutions through greener products, but also to improve the quality of life for both internal and external customers of Northwest,” Eubanks said. “Outside of Northwest, he has also implemented The Good Deed Team that goes out into the community and performs random acts of kindness, such as buying groceries or school supplies for those in need.”

Stanford also supports Northwest Exterminating’s fundraising efforts for various charitable organizations, Eubanks said, such as: the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Breast Cancer Awareness, Must Ministries, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and Toys for Tots.

More about Northwest

Northwest Exterminating specializes in residential and commercial termite controlpest controlmosquito controlwildlife services, heating and coolinglawn care, and insulation.

In 2013, the company was ranked as the seventh “Best Place to Work” among mid-sized companies in by the Atlanta Journal constitution and, in its 64 years in business, the Marietta-based company has grown from a family of 2 to more than 400 employees.

Today, the founders’ son, Steve Phillips (Stanford’s father), is President of the company and Stanford’s brother, Stephen Phillips, serves as the leader of operations.

Find out more about Northwest Exterminating here.

Atlanta Named Top Mosquito City in 2015

Atlanta Named Top Mosquito City in 2015

This weekend marks the official start of summer and Memorial Day. It’s a great time to honor those that have served our country and enjoy a long weekend with friends and family. Summer-goers beware, though. Atlanta was recently “awarded” the top mosquito city for this year, with June, July, and August being the most mosquito-active months. There’s still time to prepare before the biting begins! Here’s how you can minimize your risk.

1. Wear mosquito repellent when outside. While it won’t reduce mosquito populations around your home or public outdoor areas, it should help prevent mosquito bites.

2. To reduce mosquito populations, eliminate potential breeding sites –  standing water, debris, toys, & gutters – and correct any drainage issues.

3. Wear loose, light-colored clothing when outside.

4. Make sure pets are current on preventative heart worm medication.

5. Use Citronella candles when outside your home. They only have a mild effect against mosquitoes but definitely help.

6. Mosquitoes are weak fliers; place a large fan in areas of use outdoors.

7. Avoid using incandescent lights; instead, use yellow “bug lights”. They won’t repel mosquitoes but also won’t attract them.

8. Have your property inspected by an exterminator. Professional mosquito control greatly reduces mosquito populations around your home by eliminating & treating mosquito breeding sites & resting areas.

Click here for more information on Atlanta Mosquito Control Services or to request a free mosquito control quote. 


Bernadette McClelland, It Was Our Pleasure!

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to have Bernadette McClelland, CEO of Bernadette McClelland Consulting, speak to our sales team.  It was an honor to have someone with her accomplishments speak with our team.

In a recent blog post , Bernadette tells about her experience speaking at Northwest Exterminating and mentions what it was that really stuck out to her about our company.  We are thankful for her kind words and think that she was able to capture the culture that we are so proud of here at Northwest Exterminating.

We’d like to say thank you again to Bernadette for taking the time to pass along some of her knowledge and expertise.  She certainly did “rock Atlanta”!

For more information on Bernadette McClelland and her accomplishments, you can visit her website at http://bernadettemcclelland.com/.  You can also read her full blog about Northwest, Bernadette rocks Atlanta???

Northwest Exterminating Featured on PCT Online

We’re not usually one to toot our own horn but “TOOT TOOT”!  We were featured on PCT Online for our 7th place ranking in the Atlanta Journal Constitution‘s 2013 “Best Place to Work“.  This was our second year in a row making the cut for mid-size companies.

PCT Online wrote:

MARIETTA, Ga. — Northwest Exterminating was recognized as a top employer in the Atlanta area for the second year in a row. The company was ranked as the seventh “Best Place to Work” in mid-sized companies by the Atlanta Journal Constitution in 2013.

Northwest CEO, Steve Phillips says “It’s an honor to be given recognition by the AJC, as we take pride in the culture we have created for our team members. People spend a lot of time at work, so it’s only right that we make it a good place for them to be.”

Northwest offers great benefits to their team members, but one thing that really goes a long way, is how they truly value them.

To read the FULL article click HERE.


Tips for Allergy Relief

allergiesAfter a season filled with clouds and rain, I believe most of us are excited for the warmer temperatures that the spring is bringing us.  However, not everyone is enjoying the fresh air of spring, especially not those suffering from allergies.  Sneezing, itching, and watery eyes shouldn’t be synonymous with spring.

Reports have been made that this could be one of the toughest allergy seasons that we’ve seen in years.  A recent pollen count in Atlanta just last week (4/11) was 8,024 (anything over 1,500 is considered extremely high).  Pollen is everywhere so it can be difficult to avoid.  Below are some steps you can take to reduce your exposure to pollen:

  • Stay indoors as much as possible between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Use a HEPA filter on your furnace and air conditioner.
  • Wipe pets down before they come indoors from being outside.  Pollen can collect on their fur.
  • Remove shoes before coming inside so you’re not trekking pollen off the bottom of your shoes.
  • Do NOT line dry your clothes outside.  Dry all clothes in the dryer.
  • Wash bedding on a regular basis to remove pollen left on sheets.
  • Shower before going to bed to remove the day’s pollen from your hair and skin.
  • Vacuum, sweep, mop, and dust.  Keeping floors and surfaces clear of allergens can help reduce the amount of pollen floating around your home.  It is highly recommended that you wear a mask and gloves while cleaning.
  • Treat allergy symptoms with over the counter allergy relief.
  • Consult your Doctor.  Your Doctor will be able to help you determine what exactly it is that you’re allergic to.



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