This weekend marks the official start of summer and Memorial Day. It’s a great time to honor those that have served our country and enjoy a long weekend with friends and family. Summer-goers beware, though. Atlanta was recently “awarded” the top mosquito city for this year, with June, July, and August being the most mosquito-active months. There’s still time to prepare before the biting begins! Here’s how you can minimize your risk.

1. Wear mosquito repellent when outside. While it won’t reduce mosquito populations around your home or public outdoor areas, it should help prevent mosquito bites.

2. To reduce mosquito populations, eliminate potential breeding sites –  standing water, debris, toys, & gutters – and correct any drainage issues.

3. Wear loose, light-colored clothing when outside.

4. Make sure pets are current on preventative heart worm medication.

5. Use Citronella candles when outside your home. They only have a mild effect against mosquitoes but definitely help.

6. Mosquitoes are weak fliers; place a large fan in areas of use outdoors.

7. Avoid using incandescent lights; instead, use yellow “bug lights”. They won’t repel mosquitoes but also won’t attract them.

8. Have your property inspected by an exterminator. Professional mosquito control greatly reduces mosquito populations around your home by eliminating & treating mosquito breeding sites & resting areas.

Click here for more information on Atlanta Mosquito Control Services or to request a free mosquito control quote. 


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