Cumming, GA Pest Control Companies

Cumming, GA Pest Control Companies

Nestled close to Lake Lanier is Cumming, GA where, during the summer months, many people come to visit to enjoy the lake fun. Cumming, GA also has many full-time residents and offers plenty of pest control companies to keep you and your family pest free all year long. We put together a list of three companies that received positive reviews in the area, in case you’re looking for pest or termite protection.

  1. Think Green Pest Control: A locally owned company that offers 4 options to protect your home from termites, pests, and mosquitoes.
  2. All Exterminating: Offering termite, pest, and wildlife services, All Exterminating received positive reviews and place a strong emphasis on customer service.
  3. Halliday Pest Control Services: A family-owned company, Halliday has provided pest services to Cumming, GA and the surrounding area for over 20 years.

From one quick “pest control Cumming GA” Google search, you will come across the many pest control companies that service the Cumming, GA or Lake Lanier area. Pest control is an important aspect to any home or business because pests can spread diseases and cause unfortunate damage to your home. As you narrow down your list of companies from online reviews and your own research, consider the other items that may also be important to you, like convenience billing, the ability to bundle multiple services, or possibly a weekend appointment time to ensure that you choose a company that fits your needs.
Aside from reading online reviews and checking out the services that are offered, you can always check with your friends and family to see who they would recommend in the area. Our Northwest Exterminating office in Cumming, GA has been fortunate to service many homes and businesses in the area and offers services from bed bugs to fire ants and most pests in between. We hope as you continue your research companies that you’ll consider Northwest Exterminating as an option for you and your home.

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