How Dangerous Are Orb Weavers?

How Dangerous Are Orb Weavers?

Orb weavers can be scary looking with their large size and the giant webs they weave. But are they dangerous to humans or pets?

The short answer is no. Although these spiders can bite, they lack the potent venom needed to cause serious damage to humans or larger animals. Their bites are comparable to bee stings. These pests are quite docile and usually non-aggressive; they are more likely to flee from you than to attack and bite you if disturbed.

Orb weavers are garden pests, often found in bushes, trees, wood piles, yard debris, under porches, under roofs, and under eaves. They get their name from the large, circular, wagon wheel shaped webs they weave. Because their family is so diverse, these spiders come in a variety of colors and markings, with some of the more common ones being bright yellow and black.

Orb weavers eat a variety of small insects such as mosquitoes, beetles, moths, flies, and wasps. They are quite beneficial to have around as they help keep other pest populations under control.

If you have an issue with spiders or other pests, contact your local pest control company for an evaluation and treatment options.


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