Northwest Exterminating’s Miami Team Participates in Walk/Run for St. Jude

Northwest Exterminating’s Miami Team Participates in Walk/Run for St. Jude

Recently, our Miami Service Center participated in a walk/run with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to honor Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This marks the third year they have participated in the walk/run, as they believe this is an opportunity to help create a hopeful future to end childhood cancer. Many of our teammates are passionate about not only supporting local organizations but also ones specific to supporting children, so having teammates come together from multiple South Florida service centers for such a great cause was incredible. This was the team’s first year participating in the walk/run as Northwest, and the Northwest team truly appreciated being able to support our SFL team even from states away. The Mouse was even able to make an appearance!
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Our Miami team believes, “When you are there for the community, the community is there for you.” Being able to make memories while supporting St. Jude’s mission and joining many more who share the same vision is a big why behind this yearly commitment. The teammates enjoyed getting to make a difference while spending time together supporting St. Jude.

Teammates and their families from across the South Florida offices participated in the walk/run, with The Northwest Mouse making its appearance for the first time! This was the team’s first year supporting St. Jude as part of the Northwest Family. Co-Directors of the Good Deed Team, as well as other Northwest teammates came to support our South Florida team, and it was a great first event to be able to do together. We are so grateful for a team who makes time to give back to and support our local communities in big and small ways.
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St. Jude has been a leader in the understanding and treatment of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases since 1962. With multiple historical milestones under the hospital’s belt, they have been able to provide world-class service to children who suffer from unspeakable diseases. With the help of our South Florida team, the hospital was able to move a step closer to an overall cure.

If you wish to learn more about St. Jude and how you can help end childhood cancer, visit here:

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Preventing Fire Ants in My Miami Lawn

Preventing Fire Ants in My Miami Lawn

Miami Pest Control: How To Get Rid of Fire Ants

Did you know that fire ants are not native to Miami nor South Florida? Their range has spread to more than 13 southern and western states and continues to grow. They might not seem like a big deal, but over time they can cause medical, agricultural, and property damage. Let’s break down the ways you can prevent fire ants from taking over your lawn and property, so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors.

Start at the Source

The first step in preventing something is to know where it originates. Fire ants build large nests, usually in the form of visible dirt mounds. They can also be found in rotting logs, around tree stumps, under pavement and buildings, and inside electrical equipment. When their nests are disturbed, they can become aggressive and incite an attack on the intruder.

The Search for Food

Being omnivorous feeders, fire ants search for carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. These can come in the form of fruits, insects, and oils from seeds. Try to avoid these foods outdoors so fire ants aren’t attracted to your lawn or property.  If they cannot find a food source, these pests won’t waste time sticking around and will leave.

Different Treatment Options

One of the best ways to prevent fire ants is to have a pest control plan in place. Fire ants have been the target of several methods of control. There have not been permanent control methods found yet to fully eliminate them but having a recurring pest plan helps. There are four strategies that are used for fire ant control:

  • Bait applications
  • Individual mound treatments
  • A combination of the two above
  • Barrier and spot treatments

Since fire ants are extremely resilient, it can be difficult to fully eliminate these pests. They typically reinfest within a month of treatment and return more rapidly than any other ant species. If you suspect you have a fire ant problem, reach out to your local South Florida pest control company to set up a prevention plan that’s right for you and your property.


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Preventing Drywood Termites in South Florida

Preventing Drywood Termites in South Florida

South Florida Termite Control: Drywood Termites

Drywood termites seek dry wood as a food source and will destroy your home in the process. These termites differ from other species, such as subterranean termites, since they tend to create their colonies in wood, instead of in the ground, and need little moisture to survive. Unlike other species, these termites can create devasting damage to homes, excavating wood and ruining it. To prevent them, it’s best to place preventative measures throughout your property.

Inspect Your Home

The first step in preventing drywood termites is inspecting your home. By examining your home, you can get a good idea of what repairs are needed or discover that a termite infestation has established. When inspecting, write down everything you see that’s a concern; this will help overall when relaying to a pest professional. When checking the home’s interior, don’t forget to check in darker areas such as your crawl space, attic, and basements. Check around your baseboards, beams, or other wood materials. Likewise, look at any furniture or firewood inside the home too. As you are investigating the exterior of your home, be extra thorough, as these termites haven’t entered the home yet. Check your foundation, old trees, wooden sheds, and firewood.

Seal & Vent

Drywood termites are very small, ranging from 3/8 to ½ inch in length, allowing them to fit in the smallest hole or gap. If you find any openings leading into your home, it’s best to repair them immediately. Likewise, keeping your home’s attic and crawlspace well ventilated will help reduce moisture and the risk of a termite infestation. Consider encapsulating your crawlspace or insulating your attic.

Keep Your Yard Maintained

Drywood termites are looking for any wood materials to inhabit. Make sure you place firewood at least 20 feet away from the home and raise it off the ground. Additionally, trim all shrubs, bushes, or other dense greenery so that it doesn’t touch the side of your home. If you have old trees, lumber, or tree stumps, consider removing them so these pests don’t infest and make their way inside your home.

Call a Professional

Sometimes all the prevention in the world can’t stop termites from infesting homes. If a termite infestation has occurred, it’s best to call your local South Florida pest control company for extra help. A termite professional will provide you with a thorough termite inspection, a termite control plan based on your home’s needs, and recommendations on preventing them in the future.


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How Termite Services Benefit Your Home In Pompano Beach

How Termite Services Benefit Your Home In Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach Pest Control: Types of Termite Treatments

Did you know that termites can cause extensive damage that can compromise the integrity of your home’s structure? Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage caused by termites or other pests. It’s imperative to have a termite control system in place for your Pompano Beach home, ensuring you and your family don’t have to worry about future damage. Let’s go over the many different types of termite treatments that will keep your home safe from structural damage!

No Tent Termite Treatment

A no-tent termite treatment is an excellent alternative to tent fumigation and can make treating your home for drywood termites a much easier process. This service addresses the unique behaviors of South Florida’s drywood termite species. Drywood termites create colonies in wood, with no connection to the ground necessary. They also need very little moisture and are often found in attic trusses, fascia boards, and soffit areas.

The benefits of “no tent” treatments are:

  • No need to move out of your home
  • No removal of medications, uncanned food, or plants/flowers
  • No risk of landscaping or roof damage
  • No disconnecting of satellite dishes or antennas on the roof of your home

Termite Baiting System

This termite service is best used when subterranean termites are the problem. It is an environmentally-friendly solution that involves placing green bait stations along the exterior perimeter of your home. The bait system doesn’t allow termites to molt, grow, or develop correctly, resulting in the total elimination of a termite colony. This baiting system helps to control subterranean termites, including the Formosan and Asian subterranean termite species.

Benefits of termite bait systems include:

  • Colony elimination
  • Termites prefer bait over wood, deterring them away from your home
  • Noninvasive: no floor drilling or exterior trenching required
  • Environmentally responsible

Liquid Termite Defense

Another way to combat subterranean termites is with liquid defense. This solution has proven to work in the most challenging situations, climates, and environments to eliminate subterranean colonies. This effective treatment requires a trench to be dug around the foundation perimeter, and then a termiticide is injected in proper intervals. It doesn’t kill the termites immediately but gives them time to bring it all the way back to the queen, ultimately eliminating the entire colony.

Benefits of liquid termite defense:

  • Fast acting product
  • Protects your home from future termite invasions

If you notice termite damage in or around your home or property, it’s best to contact your local Pompano Beach pest control company. They will be able to professionally assist you with your needs and find the best termite solution for you and your home.


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When Should I End Mosquito Treatments in Naples?

When Should I End Mosquito Treatments in Naples?

Naples Pest Control: Mosquito Season

Having effective mosquito control in Naples, Florida is imperative. Without year-round support from your local pest control company, you are bound to confront many mosquitoes around your property. With warm temperatures nearly year-round, your yard is the ideal environment for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. It’s important to have a mosquito service plan working all year long. Let’s talk about how mosquito control can better help you!

Mosquitoes pose many health risks for you and your family. They are known to carry diseases like Zika virus and West Nile virus, which are both very serious. It’s important to work with your pest control company to determine what treatment plan works best for you.

The first step in figuring out which plan is right for you is to obtain an inspection of your entire yard to identify breeding sites and resting places that mosquitoes are using. Once these areas have been identified, larvicide and adulticide applications are used to control the mosquito population on your property. After the application is completed, it’s best to remove any standing water on your property, which can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The best part of the plan is that in between treatments a technician will come out for any issues that arise.

In addition to mosquito treatments, homeowners can also take steps to prevent mosquitoes around their homes by:

  • Cutting away tall weeds around your property
  • Removing any containers with standing water
  • Making sure your property drains properly to avoid flooding and standing water
  • Mowing your lawn regularly

If you think you have a problem with mosquitoes or any other pests, contact your local Naples pest control company to receive a free inspection!


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