South Florida Mosquito Control: Green Mosquito Treatment

Dealing with mosquitoes is inevitable during the hot, humid summer months in Florida. Mosquitoes, a major nuisance, can pose serious health threats to both humans and animals. Fortunately, there are innovative ways to help reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property or business, including the In2Care System Mosquito Trap!

What is the In2Care System?

The In2Care Mosquito Trap System is a green, alternative solution to eliminating mosquitoes throughout your property or business. The trap itself is unique as it lures mosquitoes into the system with a special green solution that is placed inside. Once mosquitoes enter the system, the green solution transfers to the mosquito’s legs, where it then spreads to the other breeding sites. The spread of this treatment eliminates adult mosquitoes and prevents larva mosquitoes from developing further.

What Are the Benefits of the In2Care System?

This system is an alternative, green mosquito control method for every residential home or commercial business. The trap is discreetly placed in a shaded, vegetated area where mosquitoes are likely to breed. The green solution placed in the system does not target beneficial pests, remaining environmentally and pet friendly.

The In2Care System provides your property:

  • A no-spray, discrete solution
  • Elimination of all mosquito life stages – from larva to adult
  • Strategic placement around your property so the trap is always working

Don’t battle mosquitoes this summer, consider a new way to prevent mosquitoes with In2Care! Reach out to your local pest control company, who partners with In2Care, for more information on the system and mosquito control.

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