Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Return of West Nile

It’s 2011 and the West Nile virus has made its return. Several states have confirmed cases of the virus. States include Minnesota, where a dead crow was found, Connecticut, where mosquitoes tested positive, Tennessee, where mosquitoes tested positive, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, where one person has been infected, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

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60 Years of Service and NorPest Green Video

Here is our latest commercial featuring our own ,Steve Phillips, as he explains why Northwest Exterminating is the best choice for pest control for your home or business.
We are also proud of our botanical and earth based program that controls pests the way nature intended…NorPest Green.

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Digger Wasp

One of the more common wasps in our area is the digger wasp. Digger wasps are found in lawns in the US and Canada in early morning and disappear in the evening. Digger wasps can be up to 2” in length with black bodies that usually include a band of either red, yellow or white. The digger wasp flies above lawns that are infested with scarab beetle larvae. The female digger wasp will sting the scarab larva to paralyze it, attach their eggs, and then builds a cell around the paralyzed larva…eventually feeding off of this. This act is how the digger wasp gets its name – from the fact that the female digs into the ground to locate the scarab larvae.

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