It is very important for a consumer to understand that there is a huge difference between termite damage and termite activity. Year after year, I go into homes that may or may not have either of the two and regardless I can say that at the very least it “freaks people out.” Understandably so, no one wants to have termites eating away at their biggest investment. It is very important to have someone who can not only treat your home but also provide regular inspections to make sure that there is no activity present.

Termite activity always comes first! Just because the termites are there doesn’t mean they have caused any termite damage yet. Remember that they are essentially wild animals. They will choose to feed when and where they please. It is completely up to them. It is important that proper visibility for the termite inspector is allowed. There should not be large amounts of storage covering areas where visibility is impossible. Make sure that all areas, particularly exterior walls, are clear of storage. If termite activity can be found in it’s early stages then it can be resolved before the “damage is done.” 

If you suspect that your home could have either termite damage or termite control, call an exterminator…call Northwest Exterminating to protect your home.

Austin Milligan
Alpharetta Service Center Manager
Northwest Exterminating
[email protected]

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