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  • Link to How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost?
The 2 most common reasons to need a termite inspection: when required during real estate transactions and if termite activity is present or suspected by homeowners and business owners. If either of these situations applies, you may be wondering how...
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  • mosquitoes roaches termites
As we approach the warmer and more humid months, the chance of encountering pests increases. While some are more occasional invaders, there are some that will make it a point to stick around. Cockroaches With the weather changing and a...
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  • Link to Do I Really Need Termite Protection?
Termite season is here! You may be seeing many ads for termite protection for your home, but you’ve gone years without termite protection. Is it even worth it? Well, let’s look at the facts when it comes to termites and...
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  • Link to Swarm Season – Termites Vs Flying Ants
The change of season from winter to spring brings warm weather, sunshine, and … bugs! This is the time of year when many pests emerge from overwintering and begin the mating process. Spring is also known as swarm season –...
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  • termite concept art
The first official day of spring is Sunday, March 20th (the earliest arrival of spring of our lifetime so far in the Northern Hemisphere, according the the Old Farmer’s Almanac). This is also the first official day of termite season!...
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  • swarming termites termite control atlanta
You probably aren’t too concerned with termites just yet, with the recent icy weather here in Georgia and the Southeast. BUT…prevention is key to preventing termite damage and now is the time to get prepared. In the South, termites start...
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