The carpet beetle is a common pest found in homes in the fall and winter months.  They feed on both plant and animal materials but prefer carpets, clothing and other textiles (hence the name, carpet beetle).  Holes or uneven areas on items can be an indication that carpet beetles have been feeding on the object.

As stated above, you can find these pests in homes in the fall and winter months but they can be found outside in the months from May-July.  During these warmer months they feed on the pollen and nectar from plants.  This is also the time of year that they mate.  The females will then fly into your home to lay their eggs.  Others can be brought in on cut flowers.

As is the case with controlling other pest problems, the key is identifying the source of the problem and eliminating it.  Let your exterminator know if you have had previous problems such as flies, ladybugs, rodents or birds that have created nests in your home.  After your pest control company has properly treated your home it is important to keep good housekeeping practices to ensure carpet beetles or other pests do not return.

Have you had experience with carpet beetles in your home?

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