We’ve given you the best pest control companies across the state of Georgia, but how about our neighbor to the north? Nashville, Tennessee is known as the Music City because of its deep roots in country music. It is home to the Grand Ole Opry, Music Row, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. They are also home to the Tennessee Titans football team and the Nashville Predators hockey team. While it may not be as notorious as the food, music, and sports that Nashville has to offer, it is also home to some of the area’s best pest control companies! No one wants to have their fun dampened by a pest problem so we’ve put together a list of other great pest control companies in the Nashville area.

  1. MacDougall’s Pest Control – offers a full range of residential and commercial pest control services with over 10 years of experience and an emphasis on personal service.
  2. All American Pest Control – is a locally owned and operated company established in 1961 and offering high quality residential and commercial service with green product options.
  3. Homeshield Pest Control – offers high value/high quality service with a money back guarantee, a price match guarantee, and eco-friendly products.
  4. Brentwood Pest Control – is a family owned company established in 2011 that utilizes an integrated pest management system with an environmentally friendly combination of products and based on outstanding customer service and fair prices.

Tennessee is home to a plethora of pests. Choosing the right pest control company for your pest control issue is a personal decision based on preference, convenience, and other factors. While we at Northwest strive to be the answer to your pest control problems, we understand that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.
At Northwest, we offer a variety of pest control options, from only a specific pest to all-encompassing pest plans to meet the needs of every individual customer, rather than a one-type-fits-all. Every home and situation is different; your pest professional should take the time to listen to your concerns and inspect your home to get you the best results.
Northwest Exterminating is always available to answer your pest control questions or to offer a free evaluation on what services could benefit your home. Feel free to give our team a call at (888) 466-7849 or fill out the form below for a free, no-obligation pest quote.

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