The second generation of Northwest’s Phillips family leadership, Steve Phillips, was invited to speak with Al Simon about who and what Northwest Exterminating is all about as a company and team. Steve took the time to talk about Northwest’s history, our green service offerings, the Northwest Good Deed Team, and more during the segment.

Al Simon and Steve Phillips have been friends for many years, and Al is a trusted sales and leadership source, especially in the Metro-Atlanta area. Simon’s show, Simon Says Let’s Talk Business, is hosted on Gwinnett Business Radio X. On the show, Steve also answered questions about how Northwest serves our customers and competing with yourself to be the company that your customers deserve. “We’re always thinking green, always trying to change and innovate, and we try to do what is best for our customer,” said Steve Phillips, Northwest Exterminating Brand Ambassador. “We started focusing on green pest control about 18 years ago; we were the first to come out… we use the products that mother nature gives us.”

The Northwest team is grateful to have an Ambassador like Steve who truly believes and lives by the Northwest Way and sets the example to be a team that doesn’t cut short on what we need to do for our customers. Hear more of the interview with Steve Phillips here, and learn more about Northwest Exterminating and our services here.

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