As March kicked off, no one quite expected the changes that would occur throughout the month. With home schooling, people working from home, business policy changes, and everyone practicing social distancing, it has been a strange and unprecedented time for most. Our Good Deed Team leaders, Kristen and Greg, wanted to honor the space and changes necessary while remaining involved within the communities we serve.

When the news first broke that students would be completing classes from home, Greg and Kristen worked together with a local elementary school team to put together and hand out food items to around 100 families. Knowing that for many kids, their main meals come from school, made this an important opportunity for the Good Deed Team to help! Greg returned the following week to put together andgive out over 150 bags of food and toiletry items to the families.

Looking for more ways to help students and families during this time, Greg and Kristen were able to make over 50 gallons of laundry detergent to donate to other local elementary schools in the communities we serve! Along with the detergent, they donated books, coloring books, crayons, and Easter treats for the kids to enjoy. All the items were dropped off to be distributed to the families.

It is truly extraordinary to see people in our communities stepping up to help each other – from businesses to non-profits to individuals on their own, seeing everyone come together during a difficult time shows how much everyone cares. We are thankful for Kristen and Greg finding ways to help and small ways to make a difference, even from a distance!

It is important to note that the Good Deed Team reached out to these schools ahead of time to coordinate how best to help during these circumstances. If you are wanting to volunteer or donate, please reach out to the school or business beforehand to make sure that all necessary precautions are taken!

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